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Welcome to Multiply Info Solutions (MIS) India

multiply® info solutions (MIS)  believes that technology and business work hand in hand. We offer multiple solutions and our portfolio of services runs deep and wide. We are sure there is an opportunity waiting.... Get to know us.

Custom Application Development
Our Custom Applications help you to "shape your ideas" in "exactly" the way you want,whereas packaged software solutions are not flexible enough and does not suits your specific needs. Customise Development aims to build and design applications based on specific requirements to achieve specific functionality.We respect your ideas and customise the softwares as "Client Driven application" which meet your needs exactly.We provide complete flexibility to our clients which help to achieve high level of usability and functionality .It outcomes tremendous results in a very short span of time at a very reasonable cost.

Our Customise Development features:
Can provide a solution that works well with your current environment or infrastructure by fulfilling the unique and specific needs.
Improvements in daily business processes and employee productivity .
Extensible Architectures.
To create superior applications that feature standardized processes and enable business transformation.
Risks to a minimum Time and cost-effective customized applications.
Help organizations address functional gaps and achieve business goals effectively.

Desktop Application Development
We develop robust and scalable desktop applications that are simple-to-use and easy-to-access Our desktop applications are designed and developed to best fit the evolving needs of today’s dynamic business environments. We provide applications that are aligned to automate critical business tasks and streamline the entire business cycle . MIS' s desktop applications are developed using technologies like Visual Basic, .NET, C#, etc and are intently focused on delivering business value. Besides being low maintenance, MIS applications allow for enhancements and upgrades with minimum effort. MIS justifies its desktop applications such that they span across different industry verticals and serve big and small enterprises alike. The web applications are popular but cannot match upto Desktop applications which provide the security, control and reliability to a larger extent. The Desktop applications we develop bring out the best of both.We offer the power and performance of desktop applications with the modern user interface of web applications. We try to rapidly transform your ideas and concepts into new products while improving application performance, reducing business operations’ complexity, and accelerating productivity in business. We offer enterprise solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, including IT, Financial Services, Hospitality, Medical, Transportation, Real Estate, Education etc for different geographical areas.

Richer UI.
Total control and protection from various vulnerabilities.
Superior Performance.
One-time cost and rarely involve recurring costs and charges.

Web Application Development
Our solutions mainly focus on building web applications that meet all the business requirements of the clients and solve their both technical as well as business issues. A well-defined approach and latest resources allow us to develop custom applications for companies across diverse business domains of all sizes. Our web applications successfully streamline all your important business processes and increase your revenues. We make solutions from simple website to e-shops and social networking to fulfil your exact requirements. We can also take care of registering your domain name and hosting as well as providing friendly and helpful support when you need it most.

Types of custom web applications MIS can help design and develop:
Custom Report Generation and Analysis.
Order Management and Order Processing for Retail Websites.
Content Management.
User Authentication (registration/login), Single Sign-On, Profiling, Multilevel Membership, Uer Administration, User Behavior Tracking.
Product Catalogues, Shopping Carts, Order Management.
Inventory Management.
Business Process Automation.
Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Workflow Management, Accounting.
Timesheet Management System with custom alerts, reports.
Customer Mailing List with Customer Groups and Print Label facility.
Data Mining Applications.
Targetted auto-response emailers triggered from pre-defined functions Integration with SMS Gateway, Web to Mobile and vice-versa Web application user-interface design and application re-engineering (redesign & develop).

Web Design and Hosting
We give you something fresh to believe in by delivering  cost effective solutions that script your story for success. We offer Web desiging with proper documentation for each and every phase of your website. We believe in SEO based projects that  help you to enhance your gross business.MIS provides best and affordable SEO services with proper SEO strategy, plans and suggestions for high positioning of customers business on famous search engines.

Domain Registration:
At MIS you find the live support for your domain registration for any & most popular extensions. We believe in providing a lasting profitable relationship with our client through a more promptly customer relationship. We believe in to reduce the resources to enhance the productivity of your business.

Maintenance and Enhancement 
All softwares require regular maintenance and enhancment to ensure consistent checking of bugs and security loopholes. Business needs changes continuously & so the need for continous updation of applications arises. We try to address this need by extending your software features, adding new modules, allowing your existing software to be updated for use with your current business requirements. Any application needs to be maintained several times in its life span for improving its functionality and for its rectification Thus maintainance & enhancement becomes very important.
MIS's Development Blocks will allow you to:
Access short-term development at a lower cost.
Ensure your application meets changing business needs through additional functionality.
Ensure your application does not become redundant.
Prolong the life-span of your custom application.
We understand your business requirements are constantly evolving and systems will need to change with them that’s why we provide short-term development blocks for application maintenance and enhancement.
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